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colin webb
Really Good

Very good quality mousepad. My G pro glides so easily. Will definitely buy another in the future!

Gideon Sims
Great Price, Great product, And really underated.

I used to use a Ltt mouse pad and a Glorious ice mouse pad. And i never could choose between because they were eh.
Don't get me wrong the Ltt mouse pad was good but it was lacking in some features and qualities. This mouse pad was extremely good for the price. It;s water proof making it last like 2x longer. And they look amazing and the build of it is smooth but ridged at the same time making it feel great. Just buy it.

Best Mousepad Ever!

I reviewed this mousepad not so long ago and i can say its the best there its.
For 35$ you get so much.
When my current one from azurepads gets old im definitely going to buy another one

jacob Esalnikov

I love this mousepad and its a great addition to my setup because of its amazing design and superb materials. The thickness of the mousepad makes it very comfortable and makes it feel very high quality to the touch and look. Amazing mousepad! I recommend!

Highly recommend

Very good deskpad over all. The base is rubbery, it won't move when you're playing. The stitching is amazing and the texture is lovely. There's a subtle tone change between the pad and the stitching but it isn't noticeable unless you specially look at it. Highly recommend if you're in look for a deskpad. The shipping isn't very expensive and it got here fast considering I'm in another continent.